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Postgraduate and undergraduate students, academics, researchers, and the global science community are all invited to give lectures based on partial or final research findings and to systematize experiences and reports in project implementation, practices, or programs on the Congress agenda under the following guidelines:

Lectures will be 20 minutes long (15 min to present and 5 min to pose questions) and held on-site, on-line, or audiovisual.
Speakers are required to submit a research report in which his theoretical framework, cited literature, findings, conclusions, and contributions are set out clearly and precisely. The total length of the document should be between 4 and 8 pages and its parts (abstract, tables, annexes, etc.) should be limited to 1 page (500 words).
The layout of the lecture is further described in the Speakers Instruction section.
They must click on the Proposal Submission link upon papers reception date.
Lectures should be topic related.
All proposals should be submitted through the pertinent platform. They will not be accepted in any other way.
Proposals’ revision will be coordinated by the Scientific Committee and the group responsible for each thematic area.
The Committee will leave out proposals that are not using the format requested.
The number for co-authors for every lecture is 4. Co-authors must pay the corresponding fee.

Instructions To Report Writing (Format):
You are requested to use the templates for the text document and PPP slides.
If these proposals do not comply with the format requirements, the Committee will reject them even if their content is suitable.
Proposals will be checked with Turnitin. In case there’s a similarity over 20%, excluding cited literature, the corresponding author will be notified, and his document will be rejected.
Prior to the presentation, authors will receive their certificate of acceptance which attests their participation and their authoring via email.
Approved papers will be uploaded and saved in the Congress platform so that participants and public can download them for consultation.
After the event, the Scientific Committee and the Planning Committee will select and ask authors if they like to include their documents as Book Chapter. If they agree, they will have to modify them according to the theme given and the format, write a statement of authenticity and assumed commitment against any intellectual property-related lawsuit.
If accepted, revising and ruling will be undertaken via single-blind peer review.
Authors authorize the Editorial and Scientific Committee, by means of a Copyright Waiver, have their works be included in digital and on-line memories so they can be edited, reproduced, distributed, displayed and transmitted electronically.

You must consider the following aspects for report writing.
Download the complete guidelines for presentations   Download (English)    Descargar (Spanish).

Cited literature
APA 7ª edition will be your guide for textual quotation and cited literature ( Although you won’t be using some APA elements, spacing, layout and others must be taken into consideration.
Composed in Times New Roman, size 10, single-spaced, indent paragraphs 1 cm
Authors are responsible for cited literature truthfulness. References are given in alphabetical order and adjusted to APA guidelines and quotations in text must be properly Cited according to the corresponding literature.

You must use this format for proposal submission.
Download Template


Presentation of Posters

The criteria required to present of posters will be the following:
+ Please, fill in the poster submission form
+ The poster print size should be 120 cm high x 90 cm wide.
+ Registration for proposals is opened from March 1st until Friday, May 31st.
+ The proposal must be sent as a JPG or PDF file.
+ The name of the author of the poster must be included in the file name.
+ If the poster has more than one author, it is important to designate a person in charge of the registration; all the authors of the work will appear in the content of the poster.

General guidelines
+ The Congress will cover the printing costs of the proposals.
+ The papers will be grouped according to the themes and they will be placed in the order indicated by the poster moderator.
+ Posters will be placed and removed by the Institution. The poster printout will be given to the person who made the registration.

Participation for this Call Entries implies acceptance of each one of the terms and conditions established. Any case not foreseen will be decided by the institute's Congress committee.

The decisions of the Scientific Committee are unappealable.



The workshops aim to promote certain knowledge and develop skills that contribute to the practice of teaching, research, innovation, publication, dissemination and the social appropriation of knowledge generated by experiences, project proposals or programs that promote responsible solid waste management.

Those interested in teaching a workshop must fill out the form in the corresponding link to the following information:
+ Workshop title
+ Description
+ Knowledge and skills that will be transmitted or developed
+ Instructor(s): Full name, last degree of studies, affiliation, email, telephone, curricular summary (maximum 150 words), experience in the topics of the workshop proposed and verifiable experience teaching workshops
+ Number of hours and time preference
+ To fill the registration requirements and to have the appropriate knowledge of the topic
+ Modules, content and bibliography
+ Participatory activities to develop in the workshop

The maximum duration of the workshops will be 10 hours, given over 3 days. The minimum being 6 hours and can be spread over 2 or 3 days. The workshops will be given throughout the duration of the congress. Only one proposal will be received per instructor or group of instructors.


Presentation of Books

In the framework of the CMSDFDS, researchers are invited to present books of their authorship concerning the specific topics to be discussed at the Congress. In this case, a time and a space will be reserved within the activities and areas of the Congress so that the authors can be located with copies of their work and exhibit it to the public, as well as interact with those present.

The criteria required to present books will be the following:
The subject matter should be related in general terms to those of the Congress
Books published since 2021 and up to this call
To be registered at the Congress

Those who are interested can register by June 31st, with the title of their work and a description containing the following information: name of the authors, year, publishing house, name of the person responsible for the presentation. If they are going to bring copies for distribution, it is necessary to specify how many.


Those interested in proposing and taking part in Talks within the framework of the CMSDFDS are invited to apply for a space, that promises to be an enriching platform for the exchange of ideas, the exploration of new horizons and the joint construction of knowledge.

The aim is to bring forward significant experiences on a given Congress theme from those who may be leading experts in the field, sharing perspectives, experiences and cutting-edge knowledge. In addition, this will be an open space for interactive dialogue, where your contributions will be fundamental to enrich the discussion.

It is proposed to be a space for access to cutting-edge information, networking opportunities and collaborations; exchange of ideas with experts and passionate colleagues; as well as contributing to the collective construction of knowledge.